Home Upgrades to Consider in 2022

A home renovation project aims to improve the property’s aesthetic appeal and overall value. However, not all upgrades can deliver visual and functional benefits to your home. Understanding the implications of different home upgrades can help you determine how to customize and plan the project to meet your goals. Nevertheless, consider some of the essential home upgrades in 2022. 

Bathroom Remodels 

Bathroom renovations might seem expensive, but even minor upgrades can significantly boost your home’s value. Remodeling a mid-sized bathroom costs an average of $27,164 but can generate a return on investment of about 58.9%. Consider minor remodels such as changing the bathroom mirrors, refinishing the cabinets, upgrading the hardware, and painting the walls.  

Lawn Care 

Improving the lawn in your home can effectively transform the looks and feel of the entire property. You do not have to undertake a large landscaping project to upgrade the yard. Instead, mowing the grass, removing the weeds, adding some plants, and applying fertilizer can do the trick. Proper lawn care gives the impression of a well-cared-for home. 

Interior and Exterior Paintwork 

Applying fresh paint on the interior and exterior walls makes your home look stylish and inviting. You can even choose colors that perfectly match your lifestyle and the environment. Unlike most home remodels, painting is a DIY task that homeowners can perform independently, without much trouble. However, you may also want to hire a professional for the ultimate touch. 

Deck and Patio 

A patio or a deck addition creates extra spaces for enjoying the outdoors. Although building the features can be costly, decks and patios improve the home’s overall appeal and value, with better returns on your investments. 

There are several other kinds of home upgrades that you may still want to undertake. However, please prioritize the above upgrades to elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal, functionality and value.