How to Throw the Best Party in a Small Apartment

Is your apartment very small and you are afraid to throw a party? Some people hesitate because they just think they don’t have enough space. But don’t let your space stop you from having the best entertainment. Some simple tips can help you make the most of your space and become famous among your friends for the awesome parties you throw.

Since it is hard for you to get from one place to another in a small place full of people, make everything self-serve. For example use two coffee tables to form a dining table or a buffet. Empty some bookshelves to make space for plates, glasses and food platters. Place a sheet of plywood on your 4 person table and cover it with a tablecloth and there you have a 10 person table. Fill the kitchen sink with ice and you have created a beverage cooler. If you have a laundry room, you can place a tablecloth or some draping fabric on the washer and dryer and make a mini bar for self-serve drinks. You can use the kitchen island to make a food buffet. If you prepare a permanent marker then the guests can write their names on their cups and so you will only need as many cups as many guests you have.

You can think forward to throw parties when you buy the furniture for your apartment. For example, buy more functional furniture like seating instead of large shelves and cabinets. Move as much furniture as you can from the party place to the bedroom. What you can’t move into the bedroom, move towards the wall to make more space for the guests to mingle. Also do that with the buffet tables and the dining chairs.

If there is still not enough space, you could go further by replacing the old-fashioned table dinner with a more relaxing environment. If there is not enough seating, you could put some colored throws and pillows on the floor and invite the guests to get comfortable on them. This will give the party an even more casual feeling. Offer smaller plates, skewered foods and appetizers that don’t require utensils and can be consumed standing or sitting on the arm of your sofa.

Don’t place decorations on surfaces, hang them instead to save the serving space. Use banners, fairy lights and lanterns for lighting. Spread out the foods and drinks in different parts of the apartment so that the guests won’t have to wait for getting something to drink or eat.

Don’t forget the noise issue if you are throwing a party in apartments Boise Idaho. Angry neighbors often complaint to the police or the landlord about party noise. To avoid that, you could warn them or even invite them to the party. Even if they don’t show up, they will feel friendlier.