Overview of a Home Construction Process

Overview of a Home Construction Process

So, you have bought a land, selected the floor plan and design, and hired a contractor. You are ready to start your home construction process. But, after reading some obvious tips from a blogger over at gtroofingcompany.net, he or she goes into details on what does the process of building a home entails? Here is an overview of a home construction process I came up with.


This entails stacking the position of the home to be build and prepping it for a foundation. If the home will have a block wall construction or basement, concrete footing is poured and gravel filled.


Depending on the place where your home is being built, the foundation of a new home will have a block, slab, or poured wall. These are different and your contractor may explain each of them to you and the reason for choosing slab construction, block wall construction or poured wall foundation.


This is the step where your home takes shape. Framing entails building the walls, subfloor, and roof structure. Door and window units are also installed at this stage.

Rough Mechanics

This entails installation of the air conditioning, heating, electric and plumbing fixtures. Sewer pipes, furnace, ducts, electric wiring, switches, outlets, and insulation are installed in this phase.


This entails dividing rooms and giving each space visual effects. Drywall hanging and finishing is completed in this phase. Ceiling insulation is also done. Outside stone, siding, and bricks are also installed.


This is an exciting phase of a home construction process. Many sections are seen in this phase. Bath and kitchen cabinetry, mirrors, countertops, medicine cabinets, stair rails, interior trim and doors as well as other features are installed in this phase.

Finish Mechanics

This is the phase where plumbing hardware that includes showerheads, faucets, and commodes is installed. Plug covers, switch plates, carpeting, and light fixtures are also installed in this phase.

Final Stage

At this stage, the contractor gives the home finishing touches. These may include cleaning the floor, windows, kitchen, and baths.

After orientation, your home construction process will be complete. You will be free to move in anytime you want.