Health Tips for Construction Workers

Almost every industry in the world has a role to play in curbing the spread of COVID-19. And the construction industry hasn’t been left behind. When working on a construction project, you want to ensure the safety of your crew. Here are health tips to ensure the safety of your construction workers during these unprecedented times.

Prescreen Workers before Shifts

Almost every essential business prescreens workers before shifts. For instance, checking the temperature of workers can help you determine whether they are healthy. And this is a practical step because high fever is a common COVID-19 symptom. Therefore, always check the workers’ temperature before you allow them to your job site.

Wear Face Masks if Possible

Every construction worker should wear a face mask. That’s because they are mostly close to each other. If one worker contracts COVID-19, they can spread it to the others if they don’t wear face masks. Therefore, make sure that your construction workers wear face masks to prevent the spread of the illness.

Provide Time for Cleaning and Disinfecting

If your construction site is active during COVID-19, allow time for cleaning and disinfecting the shared equipment and spaces. Water and soap can help in cleaning the workplace. However, you can use non-bleach disinfecting wipes. If you have 70% isopropyl alcohol, you can use it to clean the surfaces and equipment.

Make Construction Workers Safety and Health a Priority

You can do many things to ensure the health and safety of construction workers during the pandemic. For instance, make sure that nobody enters or leaves the construction site without screening. Also, take action immediately a worker shows symptoms that may hint at a possible illness. What’s more, allow employees time off if necessary.

It’s crucial to ensure cleanliness and adhere to safety measures at the construction site. Also, make sure that your construction workers understand how this disease spread and how to protect themselves.…

Future Trends in the Management of Construction Projects

The human population is swelling in urban centers across the globe. This has led to increasing demand for housing in these areas. To ensure that urban populations get quality housing, construction project managers are embracing more innovations and taking different approaches. And, this is likely to continue as the urban population continues to grow. Here are some of the trends to expect in the management of construction projects moving forward. 

Cost Overruns Reduction with Effective Construction Project Management 

Many construction projects are not completed within schedule and budget due to cost overruns. A lot of money is wasted because of poor project management. To avoid this, construction project managers are engaging in more effective management approaches. Project scope and schedule are getting more attention. What’s more, project managers are involving more players to ensure that they make more accurate projections for their projects. 

Embracing Potential Technologies 

The construction industry is one of the sectors that are leveraging the latest technologies. Most construction companies are investing in modern technologies like modularization, robotics, and 3D printing. These technologies are playing a very important role in boosting productivity while shortening project timelines. Thus, construction projects are being completed faster and within budgets without compromising on quality thanks to modern technologies. 

Investing in Power Skills and People 

Some people are worried about the efficiencies brought about by emerging technologies. They think that these technologies might eventually displace workers since they introduce automation in different aspects of construction projects. However, humans are still required in the construction industry. They just need to evolve or shift their skill sets. 

Construction companies are always looking for skilled and talented individuals with more than traditional skills. Some of these companies are investing in training to ensure that their workers have the necessary skills. 

The future will undoubtedly have challenges. However, the current trends show that the construction industry is headed in the right direction.…

How to Start Building a Home: Major Steps to Follow

Many people are intrigued by the idea of building their homes. However, they don’t know where to start the process of building their homes. Although the home building process is exciting, it can be challenging and stressful. Some people even consider it complex. If not sure where or how to start building your home, here are the major steps to follow. 

Set a Budget 

Calculate the amount of money that you need to build a home. The kind of home that you can build should depend on the amount that you have budgeted for. Therefore, start by setting a budget for your construction project. Almost every building decision will depend on the amount of money that you intend to spend on the project. This includes the choice of building materials and a builder or a contractor. It’s also crucial that you talk to a professional to guide you if you don’t know the kind of a house that you can afford based on your budget. 

Select a Location 

Do you want to build away from the city in a rural area or within a subdivision? In most cities, tenants are governed by tighter restrictions and covenants. There are also rules in these neighborhoods that can interfere with the intended use of the house. Also, your chosen location will influence the availability of amenities like sewer, electricity, and water systems. Septic systems and wells can attract higher prices. Therefore, check out the availability of major amenities when selecting the location of your house. 

Find a Builder 

Choosing a reputable contractor is very important when it comes to building your dream home. Therefore, interview several builders before you decide on the one to work with. You will deal with the contractor or builder for several months. Therefore, ask about their warranties, standard features, and references. Choose a professional that you will be comfortable working with for several months. 

Choose a House Plan 

With the help of your builder, choose a plan that will enable you to have your dream home. The plan should feature a description of all features that your house will have and a price list. You can also work with an expert to come up with a custom home design or plan. 

Follow these steps to easily start the process of building your home.…

Summer Construction Safety Tips

You know the dangers of building a house during the summer. Your construction workers are at a higher risk of suffering heat-related illnesses like heat stroke and exhaustion. However, you can take certain measures to ensure that your workers do not suffer from these illnesses. Here are the safety tips for construction workers during the summer that you should follow. 

Provide Adequate Water Supply 

Ensuring that your construction site has adequate water supply is a great way to protect your workers from heat illnesses. Make sure that every worker can easily get water to ensure that they take hydration breaks more often. Keeping the body hydrated will prevent overheating. 

Stay Healthy 

Eating healthy, lighter meals will keep a construction worker from feeling hungry. For instance, a construction worker can eat fruit and a sandwich instead of French fries and greasy burgers. What’s more, construction workers should maintain a good physical shape. This will enable the body to deal with extreme temperatures. It’s crucial to note that underlying health issues and excess body fat can lead to faster overheating of the body. 

Get Adequate Sleep 

Getting adequate sleep will keep the body healthy. But, quality sleep is difficult to get during hot weather. Therefore, pay attention to your sleeping environment. You can use a fan to ensure that your room remains cooler throughout the night. Also, set adequate time aside for sleeping. 

Take Breaks 

Taking breaks frequently ensures that the body doesn’t reach high temperatures. Thus, the body doesn’t reach a point where it can’t cool down. What’s more, taking frequent breaks equips the body to deal with heat properly. 

Dress Properly 

You have to wear garments that are approved for construction sites for safety purposes. However, choose lightweight apparel that ensures your safety during the summer. Ideal garments should have higher breathability while preventing heat from being trapped close to the skin. 

In addition to these tips, make sure that every construction worker knows the risks associated with the summer heat. This will ensure that they report any discomfort or illness they develop at the construction site. …