Simple Tips for Redecorating Your Apartment

Do you feel that it is time for some changes in your apartment? Do you see it old and boring? That is not such a big problem because with some simple tips and very little investment you can give your home a bright new and fresh look. You don’t need to think about completely replacing the old furniture or breaking down walls. A few simple tricks will make your home look different and maybe even more spacious.

For a great change in your living room put on some floating shelves where you can show off some special mementos or a collection of decorative objects. Some basic shelves will go with about everything. That means that when you get bored with the objects from them, you simply replace them with something new and that way you will never get bored with your living room. Highlight the shelves with a different color apart from the walls and put some interesting objects on them.

Paint your walls in some new, exciting colors. But be careful what color you choose because some strong colors might make you feel uncomfortable. Red, for example, can give and excited feeling and is not highly recommended for bedrooms. The most simple way to decide on the color of the walls is to check out what color are most of your clothes. That is your favorite color and giving a nuance of it to your walls can never go wrong. But don’t forget to ask your family whether they are comfortable with it. They also have to live there. If you can’t paint the walls then paint some pieces of furniture. A new color on a nightstand, a chair or a bedframe can give the fresh look you desired.

If you have a long, narrow living room, which is quite common in the apartments Boise Idaho, break down the space into two or three seating areas with small pieces of furniture to make it look wider. It is also a good idea to place mirrors on both ends of the room to make light shine over the space. If your apartment is small, you can free some space by replacing the big dining table with a smaller, multifunctional table placed in the living room, in front of a bookshelf. If you have guests you can simply gather more small tables from the apartment and the dining table is ready.

In small spaces it is also useful to have the walls in some soft, light colors and so you will have the focus on the view from the windows. If you decide to hang only a few artworks on the wall, it will keep the place from feeling cramped and closed. Fussiness and clutter makes the space look smaller. So you might consider removing the rugs and table trinkets and keeping things as simple as possible.